Sport Media


Sport media is a fast-growing field of study due to the ever-increasing popularity of sports around the world. New forms of communication brought on by advancing technologies have opened the door for many career opportunities. At Grace, the Sport Media major combines the study of sport management with the study of journalism and media communication to prepare students for such career possibilities. Students learn how to reach a mass audience using a curriculum that spans the media range and hones their communication skills through the Journalism/Communication major. Students completing the program will be involved in applied learning opportunities across campus and possibly with major sport organizations and events during their course work, taking advantage of opportunities such as practicums, volunteer opportunities and internships.

Course Requirements for a B.A. or B.S. in Sport Media


Examples of courses in this major:

SMT 1110 Introduction to Sport Management

An introduction to the field of sport management. This course allows the student to investigate the various career options and curriculum choices in sport management.

SMT 2310 Sport Business

This course is the beginning course for the study of the business of sport. The course emphasis will be on business practices as related to the operation of sport organizations. Sport budgets and marketing will be key components of this course.

COM 1130 Introduction to Mass Communication

A survey of mass media in society, including newspapers, magazines, radio, recording industry, television, film, Internet, advertising, photojournalism and communication theory. This course covers the history, economic controls, governmental controls, problems, effects of research, and societal importance of the information and entertainment media.

JOU 2140 Newspaper Journalism

Instruction and practice in writing for newspapers, including current news, features, sports, government, editorials, etc. Includes practical experience writing for the campus and local newspapers.